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Maciej Markiewicz is a world-class pianist, whose style goes beyond simple classifications. For more than 30 years he has been creating music, which is purely classic, in his own unique arrangements and film music, jazz, blues or boogie-woogie, combining various styles and musical genres in a unique manner.
His music is identified by dynamic figurations, passionate phrasing, rhythmical and improvisation invention, interesting structure of tensions and discharges, strong left hand, especially standing out in the solo performance and an impression of multiple hands in many musical themes. The musicians who influenced the pianist’s works include Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum, Jelly Roll Morton, Earl Hines, Meade Lux Lewis, Pete Johnson, Albert Ammons, George Gershwin, Vladimir Horowitz and James Booker.
The artists was born on 7 May 1967. He started learning to play the piano when he was 5 under the eye of his grandmother Stanisława. When he was 7, he started his education at the Primary Musical School in Poznań and then continued at the Poznań Musical Secondary School. In 1992, he graduated from the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Musical Academy in Poznań in the master piano class of professor Waldemar Andrzejewski.
Since he was a little boy, he has been fascinated by music and successes of Marek and Wacek duo, he has decided to form a piano duo himself. In the secondary school he met Marek Gidaszewski. Since then, the two young pianists started working hard to build their repertoire and work out their own voice. They formed a piano duo called M2. In 1984, they won the first prize at the young talents festival in Elbl─ůg. They were also the winners of the Festival of Culture and Art in Klagenfurt, Austria. They actively cooperated with Jan Tomaszewski, the then director of the Musical Theatre in Pozna┼ä. Thanks to their joint work, they made a record called “W bieli i w czerni” [In white and black] published by Sony Music Entertainment Polska Sp. z o.o. The record became a hit on the music market in Poland and abroad.
In 1999, Maciej Markiewicz met Axel Zwingenberger, a famous German pianist, one of the best known artists playing boogie-woogie and blues. Since then, full of fascination, he has started to thoroughly study the arcana and technique of this music style. This brought joint concerts in Germany and other European countries.
During the last ten years Maciej Markiewicz gave a lot of concerts with well-known pianists, including Axel Zwingenberger mentioned above, Vince Weber, Frank Muschalle, Joja Wendt, Gottfried Boettger, either playing solo or in a company of a few pianos. An interesting artistic experiment was to participate in piano concerts held in a historical train “Konzertexpress” as part of the “Festival on the rail tracks” in Germany. The pianist was several times invited to take part as an honorary guest in an international festival Boogie Woogie Connection in Hamburg. These concerts resulted e.g. in the following records “Boogie-woogie live” and “Classic meets boogie”.
Apart from duo concerts or concerts for several pianos, Maciej Markiewicz is all the time giving solo concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, the Czech Republic etc. He was invited a few times as a Guest Entertainer to ships of OCEANIA CRUISES, an American cruise line. He also played at the Hamburg stadium for an audience of thousands on the occasion of “Rettung fuer FC St. Pauli” and at the opening ceremony of the world’s largest computer fairs CeBIT in Hanover. Gerhard Schroeder, Chancellor of Germany was a special guest at the concert.
In Poland, the artist has performed many a times with symphonic orchestras, e.g. in the National Theatre [Teatr Narodowy] in Warsaw during the Grand Gala of Polish Business Leaders [Wielka Gala Liderów Polskiego Biznesu] organised by the Business Center Club, in the Grand Theatre [Teatr Wielki] in Pozna┼ä, ┼üód┼║, Gda┼äsk and Katowice. His arrangements aroused great enthusiasm.
Maciej Markiewicz has taken part in numerous musical programmes. For instance, he was a guest of “Filharmonia Dowcipu” [“Humorous Philharmonic”] of Waldemar Malicki, by playing, as M2 duo, a concert for two pianos. When working together with Waldemar Malicki, he took part in an entertainment show “Co tu jest grane?” [“What is played here?”] presenting masterly performance of classic hits.
In December 2010, in Szymbark, together with the greatest Polish pianists including Bogdan Czapiewski, Stanis┼éaw Deja, Romuald Koperski and Leszek Mo┼╝d┼╝er, in closing the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Fryderyk Chopin’s birthday, Maciej Markiewicz was involved in breaking Guinness record in playing the world’s largest piano with a length of more than 6 metres and weight of about 2 tonnes.
In 2011, the artist was invited by the Marshall Office of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province to add splendour to a cycle of music shows related to the promotion of the province “Lata 20-te, lata 30-te” [“The 1920s and 1930s”]. He showed mastery in rendering the spirit of that period by playing solo and with a rhythm section of Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz and theatre actors and vocalists.
Maciej Markiewicz is successfully involved as a guest in various musical projects and also co-hosts programs for e.g. business entities, entities operating in the financial sector, state and local administrative units, as part of cultural festivals, showing an unusual artistic talent combining dry wit with musical technique.
In his artistic career Maciej Markiewicz has worked together with a number of outstanding performers, e.g. conductor Janusz Powolny, conductor Zbigniew Górny, Grzegorz Turnau, Waldemar Malicki, Leszek Mo┼╝d┼╝er, Adam Makowicz, Hanna Banaszak, Krzysztof Piasecki, Tadeusz Ross, Ireneusz Krosny, Piotr Rubik, Marek Tomaszewski (of "Marek and Wacek” duo), Zenon Laskowik, Zbigniew Wodecki, Wies┼éaw Prz─ůdka, Maciej Stuhr, Piotr Ba┼étroczyk, etc.
The latest album PIANO IMPRESSIONS - bridging classical music, blues and boogie-woogie entered the market on 10 May 2013. The album was published under the artistic direction of the most famous musicologist and Chopin expert Jan Popis and in opinion-forming cooperation with the Managing Director of The Poznan Philharmonic Wojciech Nentwig, composer, arranger and conductor Zbigniew Górny and musician Zbigniew Wodecki.
In August 2013 Markiewicz held a piano concert as a part of The 68th International Chopin Festival in Duszniki Zdrój. The same month he participated in a piano show during The Hamburg Boogie Woogie Connection (this year the 25th jubilee anniversary of the Festival was celebrated).  
One should also mention charity concerts by the artist who has special understanding and involvement when it comes to participating in events for the children.
Maciej Markiewicz is a person with all-round talents – musician, pianist, improviser, author of texts for the stage and at the same time an excellent watercolour painter. As he is convinced that colours are like sounds, he has been conducting his own workshop “Akwarela” [Watercolour painting] for many years. Interested in popularising knowledge about Polish art by e.g. professor Wiktor Zin (with whom he studied for many years), he is constantly developing forms of plastic expression by attending lectures and courses given by painting authorities. He is especially fascinated by the landscape and nature topics and his works include hundreds of own open air and studio paintings. As part of his passion for watercolour painting, the artist showed his works in numerous exhibitions and vernissages, including those accompanying his concerts.
“Nothing comes to anything, unless you’re serious about it” Wayne Shorter.
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